30 Minute Massage

A general massage can provide the body with some much needed relaxation. At times there are other techniques that may be slightly uncomfortable, these are essential to break down scar tissue and provides long-term relief. In certain situations such as pre and post event treatments, the massage will typically be much lighter to stimulate, relax or aid recovery.


45 Minute Massage

Did you know our bodies require a constant supply of blood with fresh oxygen and nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Massage can improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids around our bodies, pushing it through to the areas where you feel discomfort and pain, which facilitates healing. Massage also affects our nervous systems to stimulate cells which controls tension, and relaxes the tissues to help reduce any aches and pains.


60 Minute Massage

As sports people we tend to push our bodies hard, short-changing it on recovery and sleep in the quest of balancing work, life and sport. Sports massage can not only help to resolve injuries, it can also keep you on track with your training plan. This form of massage is focused on regaining normal muscle function and soft tissue flexibility to assist your recovery back to full fitness. Sports massage is not about getting your elbow stuck in as hard as possible and causing lots of pain. I will work at the depth needed within your pain tolerance. If a technique is applied too hard, the muscle will contract and the therapists will not be able to effect any change within the muscle properties. The key to a good sports and remedial massage is to effect a change in the tissues and then to ensure any rehab exercises are effective in changing the structure of the body back to a more normal state. Don’t play sports? I have remedial massage training too and this is type of treatment can feel amazing.


Platinum (90 Minute) Massage

The platinum massage is a signature treatment designed to calm the mind, body and soul. A full body massage offers revitalisation to major muscles, joints and other soft tissues. It can also improve your metabolism and is a powerful anti-stress benefit calming the body physically and mentally. Using essential oils tailored to your needs, starts with a sensual massage of your feet, working through all the major muscles up to, and including the back of your neck. This 90 minute treatment will awaken your senses and rejuvenate your body to leave you in the purest state of relaxation. Free nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice is also provided. The platinum massage is the ideal treatment for athletes with tired and overworked muscles, as well as the perfect antidote for anyone struggling with the hectic pace of modern life.